Union Canal Park in Pine Grove
Aerial view of Pine Grove
H. H. & L. Fire Company
Swatara Creek in Pine Grove
Proposed Pleasant Valley Park
North End Fire Company

The Issues

Stormwater Management

It should go without saying that the single most important issue we as a community face is stormwater management. We as a borough, community and region must work together to do whatever we can to prevent history from repeating itself.

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Community Engagement

Working with our community's volunteer organizations, there is much that we can accomplish. Pine Grove needs strong leaders who can develop relationships with these organizations and foster a collaborative environment where we can all unite together towards a common goal.

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Business Development

Pine Grove's small businesses are vital to our community. As a borough, we need to support, encourage and promote sustainable businesses within our community to create employment opportunities, meet purchasing needs, and attract visitors from outside the community.

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Recreational Opportunities

From the historic buildings within our community to the natural resources that we all enjoy, Pine Grove Borough has a wealth of recreational opportunities just waiting to be developed. Through cooperative efforts, we can turn Pine Grove into the jewel of Schuylkill County.

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Infrastructure Improvements

Our infrastructure - streets, water system and drainage pipes-are very important to daily life in Pine Grove. But our aging systems need to gradually be replaced to make sure we don't run into a bigger problem in the future.

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Fiscal Responsibility

As a small borough, we have much to accomplish and limited tax dollars to work with. We must do our best to maximize our financial resources and eliminate wasteful spending. It will take some tough choices, but we must focus on areas where we as citizens can get the most "bang for our buck" to improve our community.

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